How Students distribute in schools for Bags, Books and Blessing. 

We then sort, clean, segregate, pack in neat bags.

Principal D'Mello Sir seeing off the truck loaded with the donated items 

Before the end of every school year, we campaign extensively and create awareness about our donation drive. We flood the social media with information about what, when, where and how to donate the school supplies. 

 We formed a human chain to unload the items into the premises. 

 We finally distribute the items to school 

By the last day of school we have a huge pile of donated items. 

We load the items in the truck to distribute for schools.

Volunteers loading the items in the truck. 

Bags Books and Blessings is an Initiative By NGO

"Women Have the Same Set of Teeth As Men"

The other Initiatives By this NGO are

Yearn to Learn Labs and Knicnacs