Off we move from Divine Mercy School to our next stop at Sukrupa School. 

Cannot leave Parikrma without a little song and dance with the children!

The school supplies that were donated to Sukrupa school.

And we arrive at our second stop at Divine Mercy School. 

The truck with the school supplies arrives at Sukrupa School.

We arrive with our truck load of school supplies to our first destination at Parikrma. 

The students invite us on stage to 

say Thank-you.

And we did it again ! 

We get the work done and its time for a photo!

The school supplies offloaded at Divine Mercy School 

With students at Sukrupa school.





And a photo with some of the children who had their physical training class going on.

The human chain forms again and in just a few minutes the goods are emptied from the truck!

With Father Gerard, the founder of Divine Mercy School 

And we form a human chain to offload the goods from the truck. 

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