The eager audience !

My best friends and volunteers Akshata, Tanisha, Sanah, Janvi and Aakriti accompanied me. We wore the t-shirts that I had designed and printed from Printo. 

It was time now to go to Angels Orphanage. We reached with our tempo there. The kids were slightly older at Angels Orphanage. They were really quick in guessing the magic tricks. We taught them the Banana Dance which they enjoyed a lot. Have a look at the pictures and the video too!

I wanted to make this day special and I didn’t want to just go there and hand over the stuff to them. I wanted to interact with the kids and have fun. So I decided that my friends and I were going to put up a magic show. But this would be a magic show with a difference - At the end of the show, we would ask the kids to figure out the science behind the magic and the kid that got it right would win a prize ! I’m so glad we did this because it was such a blast! Check out the photos and the video.

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Yes ! We finally did it ! 

We also visited the really small kids at the kindergarten or as they call it at Parikrma, the “Sun” class. These kids had started school just 2 weeks ago. I had an awesome time interacting with the kids at Parikrma, but unfortunately, all good things have to come to an end. It was time to leave. But before that the senior students and all of us formed a human chain and unloaded the stuff from the tempo into the premises. 





After all the stuff was collected from the school, counted, cleaned and arranged in neat packets it was  loaded in the tempo and driven to Parikrma and then to Angels Orphanage.