Bags Books and Blessings is an Initiative By NGO

"Women Have the Same Set of Teeth As Men"

The other Initiatives By this NGO are

Yearn to Learn Labs and Knicnacs





Principal D'Mello Sir seeing off the truck loaded with the donated items 

 We formed a human chain to unload the items into the premises. 

Principal D'Mello Sir seeing off the truck loaded with the donated items 

Hello friends. My name is Nikhiya Shamsher and I am the founder of Bags Books and Blessings. I am a student of Greenwood High School Bangalore.  I launched this project after a small event which inspired me to look differently at things, Some months back, when school closed for summer, I casually gave away my school bag to Roja, our helpers daughter. Roja is a fourth grade student at a nearby local government school. When Roja received the bag she was overjoyed and wrote a thank-you note to me. I found through this note that all throughout the four years of school Roja never owned a school bag. This was the first time she would be carrying her books in a school bag instead of plastic covers. In the following days, I learnt from her mother that the bag had made Roja more confident and more eager to go to school. I had no idea that my old school bag would mean so much to somebody. I was overwhelmed and wanted to give her many more things from my cupboard. I felt the need and the desire to do this on a larger scale. I started looking for schools where I could carry out this activity and came across so many organizations  that are doing tremendous good work. I wanted to be associated with them and that is what led to the project Bags Books and Blessings. A big thank you to my Principal D'Mello Sir, my teachers, my best friends, my wonderful school mates and volunteers who have supported and encouraged me in implementing the project.