Bags Books and Blessings is an Initiative By NGO

"Women Have the Same Set of Teeth As Men"

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​Hello friends. My name is Nikhiya Shamsher and I am the founder of Bags Books and Blessings.

​​Bags, Books and Blessings is an initiative by Nikhiya Shamsher. It aims to collect re-usable bags, books and school supplies and donate them to less privileged school children.

Every year thousands of needy children go back to school without basic supplies. It is natural as their parents struggle to even put food on the table. These are bright children who are eager to go to school and study but do not have the means and the tools. They don't have simple things like a school bag or books or a pencil pouch or a water bottle, they go bare feet to school. But together we can change this. We can pool our re-usable school resources and donate them. It will give the students the much needed equipment and the confidence to go to school. 

This initiative will also cut down on wastage. Instead of throwing away re-usable supplies or storing them unused in closets, we could donate them to students who can put them to good use. It is a win-win situation for everyone, the donors donate something that they no longer need or have outgrown to them and the recipients receive stuff that is very useful to them. This is what Bags, Books and Blessings is all about.